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Street legal Motor scooters sold wholesale to the public.  

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 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What does FREE SHIPPING mean?
    It means the price you see advertised is the price you pay to your shipping address, as long as you are in the Continental USA. Territories such as the Caribbean islands, Islands off the coast of Florida or California, states such as Alaska and Hawaii will see a extra fee for the additional cost of shipping and will be notified of this fee BEFORE the transaction is started. If you decline the additonal fee your order will be canceled. This free shipping offer is a generous offer by CMS and is to not be abused in any way. FREE SHIPPING to your door! NO TAX / LICENSING / HIDDEN CHARGES. We are not in the same state as you and thus, no state sales tax. If your state requires you to license your vehicle that is your sole responsibility. RESTRICTIONS: SHIPPING TO AK AND HI OR OUTLYING STATE ISLANDS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FREE SHIPPING. Some rural area's are also subject to additional shipping cost, if you live outside of the shipping lane's that our freight companies deliver you will be charged an additional fee to deliver, however you can avoid the additional cost by choosing to pick up your vehicle at the terminal where it has been delivered. Call us for further information @ 619-573-4757   back to top

  • Do you have any TESTIMONIALS?
    We sure do! We have earned them and we keep an up to date recent testimonials page for you to view ant any time and watch them actually change to reflect our true progress. We love happy customers, this is what it;s all about! Please copy and paste the link below to your browser or look the the about us page on the top left our website. You can also locate the link tab on the left side below the product directory.

    Testimonials -  back to top

  • What DISCOUNTS do you offer?

    NOTE: Coupons cannot be used together / combined and must be for machines only. As with all companies, once an order is placed, if you did not order with the discount you cannot later redeem the discount. This is because we use different methods of shipping and processing to save you the discounts you apply for. This means if the item has shipped already a discount cannot be given.
    1.) Join mailing list on HOME PAGE = 2% OFF ocuniverse
    2.) A PURCHASE OF 2 UNITS OR MORE = $50.00 OFF -multi50off
    3.) A PURCHASE OF 3 UNITS OR MORE = $75.00 to 100 OFF -multi75off
    4.) A PURCHASE OF 5 UNITS OR MORE = $250.00 OFF -multi250off
    5.) To see all discounts offered please use this link 6.) 3% off your order total with Cash, Check, WIRE or Walk in Payment.
    7.) $50.00 military coupon, we support our troops For questions, please call us toll free - 877-300-8707  back to top

  • How do I request my TRACKING NUMBER?
    Log into your account via the customer log-in page and in your order histroy/order details at the bottom of the page you will see the tracking posted there if available. If we are very busy and your close to CA chances are your unit may ship before tracking is available. We suggest you call your carrier 4 business days after email confirmation that your payment was processed. Here is a list of whom most likely will have your units on hand.


    Do not worry if any of these shipping companies do not have information for you, it just means we used a different carrier. If you need to email for tracking or order status please email -OR- Call 877-300-8707 XT #2 1-2 weeks after your order date. This will give your package time to properly process and ship for best results.  back to top

  • Is the unit ASSEMBELED? - How hard is it?
    Some are fully assembled and just need the battery installed, and some may need further assembly. The units that are 95% assembeled, are marked on our website. Generally, the only assembly you will need to do is...
    1.) Bolt the front wheel and calipers on.
    2.) Bolt the handle bars down.
    3.) Fully fill and charge the battery for 24 hours prior to installing in the unit.
    4.) Fill the unit with gas and start the unit. 5.) After assembling the unit if you need further assistance you can email this is our online technical support email and they will help you as much as possible with your unit.
    NOTE: We offer assembely checklists on our website via the following online form
    -  back to top

  • What forms of PAYMENT do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Money Order, Check, Cashiers Check, Union Walk in payment and Wire Transfers. We process payments through a secure socketlayer proecessing link and are verified members on . This is the largest processor or credit cards in the world.   back to top

  • How long does SHIPPING take?
    In most cases 5-15 business days up to 21 business days during the busy months (MAY-AUGUST and OCTOBER-DECEMBER). The delivery time also depends on what warehouse we ship from, the size of your order, and your location. Other sites may take up to 6-8 weeks. This is why we are a better online store to purchase from. All dealers this summer are taking a little longer to deliver this is due to the new 250% sales (motorized scooters) increase and the gas crisis causing a new surge for alternative transportation here in America. As always we promise to process and ship orders as fast as possible! The faster delivery the faster you tell all your friends about us!
    Online Estimator -  back to top

  • How will I know when my item will be DELIVERED?
    The shipping carrier will call you 24-48 hours before delivery at the phone number you provided in your order. They will be calling you to arrange a "BLOCK/WINDOW" time for delivery. If you will not be home you can make arrangements are they are very flexible. You will need to have your identification with you and be present upon delivery. To properly judge your shipping time please use our shipping estimator and count business days from the date your CC charge email was received.  back to top

  • What SHIPPING CARRIERS do you use?
    For large items (ATV'S) we use, for smaller items such as helmets and such we use or and  back to top

  • SHIPPING INSURANCE (what it includes)
    Insurance covers the replacement of any power train (Warranty) parts that may be damaged from shipping. We will replace the damaged parts as long as the claim is filed within 7 days of receipt and the Bill of Lading from the shipping company is faxed in noting the damages. If you do not purchase shipping insurance you are required to file the claim with the carrier yourself. If you do not purchase insurance and you decline the unit due to damage you must wait for the item to arrive back at our warehouse and be inspected before another unit can be sent out. If you purchase insurance we will ship the replacement upon proper notification from the customer/carrier and after pictures have been recieved verifying the damage. Shipping damages are rare however, if it was to occur we take care of getting those claims filed with the MFG for the customer. That is our extended service to you. Non-insurance simply delays the process for everyone.  back to top

  • Do you have FINANCING or lay-a-way?
    We do offer Layaway. Search Lay A Way in the search window of this website and the add to your cart the option. As for Financing, the banks have advised us that they are actively encouraging their own customers to call them for financing. They will offer better rates on your loan and cheaper monthly payments. First you will need to began the process by placing your order with You will need to print out a copy of your purchase order that was created online when you ordered from us, take the copy of the order to your bank, after you have taken this step it will all be in the hands of your banking institution and San West Inc to get you approved. Your bank wants your business and we do to!! We will get it done! Please check and read there for updates.  back to top

  • What is wells fargo walk in payment?
    Very simple and easy process to make payment. Consider it a retail location of ours. This method makes it possible to ship your item the following business day. We highly suggest this method; As you will receive your new item MUCH faster. You do not have to be a member of Union Bank. After checkout is complete we will send you an attachment to your email address you print out and take with you to the closest Union Bank to submit payment. Keep the receipt and email us when your complete and we will verify the payment was made. Your order will then ship. You will also save 3% off your order total as we save on CC processing fees and pass this on to you. We also will help you find the closest Union bank to you. Or you can visit to locate a branch near you. If you do not have a Union Bank near you the other option is to wire your payment through your own banking institution of which we will pay 15.00 toward the wire fee. Contact us for account details.  back to top

  • Do I get a DISCOUNT if I buy more than one unit?
    Absolutely! and a large one at that! Let us know what you want and we will get you a final total within 1 hour so you can decide. Also check for our live chat and get a quote instantly or call us! - 877-300-8707= sales or email us @ We also have some discounts posted in the FAQ above. 3+ order call for a quote.   back to top

  • What if the item arrives DAMAGED?
    Our product arrives 99% of the time in good condition however we still ask our customers to inspect the unit upon delivery. If there are minor damages (cracked plastics/scuffed body panels) yet the unit is still usable and rideable then accept the unit and visit our warranty claims department on this site and file a damage claim to have parts sent to you. If you delcine a unit that is in riding condition there will be a 25% re-stocking fee so please use your best judgement. If the frame is bent or the unit is in really bad shape and not safe to ride then the unit should be declined and we should be notified. Keep a copy of the BOL the shipping driver gives you and contact us immediately. We also need you to scan and email or fax a copy of the form stating the damage. There are cases of damage but we are here to make it right. You have 72 hours to file a damage claim with us and we will file the claim for you but we must be notified. Make sure the delivery driver makes note on the bill of lading and we get a copy of that along with pictures and information about the damage. Please send that information to - or visit the
    Claims department -
      back to top

  • What If I want to RETURN a unit?
    Unused units may be returned under certain circumstances. You must contact us first and provide pictures of the unused unit. Under certain circumstances we will provide you with an RMA number. Without this we will not accept the unit back. There will be a 25% restocking fee. You must pay for the shipping to you and back to us. Due to the high cost of shipping and the cost of the unit these are the rules set by the manufacturer and is a hard line rule. If you cancel the order before the item ships there is no charge however tracking numbers will provide proof that the cancellation was received in time. Just sending an email or leaving a message does not constitute a cancellation. You must receive a confirmed email in receipt. You have 30 days from the date of delivery to return the machine however you must have a RMA and may NOT send the item freight collect or it will be declined.   back to top

  • Do I need a Motorcycle LICENSE to ride scooters OR mopeds?
    Generally NO. Most states do not require a motorcycle license to operate mopeds or scooters that are 250cc or less. Check your state for rules, . Any moped or scooter over 50cc will require that you have a drivers license,(not a motorcycle license) while mopeds or scooters under 50cc (49cc or less) do not require any type of driver license, many adults who have had their driver license's suspended or revoked have turned to this type of transportation. All of our scooters are EPA / DOT compliant! The purchaser is responsible for all thier own state requirements and registration. Our machines can be registered in all 50 states as they are DOT / EPA Compliant. We have linked every DMV in the USA at the bottom of this page for you to contact your local DMV with these questions.  back to top

  • Do you really have PARTS for everything?
    Yes! We would not sell something that we could not repair ourselves. We want your business and your friends business as well. And the best way to get this is to support our customers as much as possible.
    Online parts Department website BMSMOTORSPORTS.COM  back to top

  • I paid with a Money Order, Cashiers Check or Personal Check. What Next?
    First of all, thank you for taking the extra time to send a payment directly to us. We would like to inform you of our process so that you can make arrangements or be prepared for our process. When a paper payment is made, there can be a 10 day hold on the payment if required by our bank to validate funds. This is due to growing check fraud, We deposit the funds prior to shipping your purchase to ensure we're able to book payment. Once your payment clears, we will immediately ship your new order. We do however prepare your order for shipping and do everything we can in the beginning so that when we're notified of a payment clearance, we will then process to ship your order. Please note that paper payments can cause a longer delay than credit card payments becuase of the need to verify funds. Should you have questions, we are open to walking you through the process at anytime. In the end, our goal is to safely provide a product to you that belongs to you and we're here to make sure, "the bad guys" aren't spending money on your behalf. This is another added service we do provide to you as we want every customer to appreciate our service.   back to top

  • How do I file a WARRANTY claim?
    Look at the top title bar for Warranty / Parts. Click there and scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out all of the required fields on the form. The manufacturer also requires pictures of any parts requested in the claim. We will take care of the rest. If the part number cannot be located please describe it on the form. Claims are processed in the order received to be fair and delivery of parts depends on the season and the in stock supply. Generally 1-2 weeks. Some rare parts can take up to 4 weeks.
    Online Claim -  back to top

  • Where do our PRODUCTS come from?
    We are direct importers from Taiwan, Mainland China and Korea. We only select the top quality products to bring in to the US. All our inventory is ISO 9001-9004, EPA, DOT and CARB approved! We work with long standing ATV manufacturers in China that have been producing ATV's for over 25 years and have a superior track record!  back to top

  • How do I request a TITLE?
    Please read carefully - Very, very, easy, simply locate the TITLE REQUEST PAGE at the top of any page on our website and complete the form. You can also call 877-300-8707 x2 for detailed instructions. Please note these are legal documents. These forms will be sent in order they are received. You must complete the title request form for legal purpose. This is for your protection and ours. MSO / MCO / TITLE delivery generally takes 1-2 weeks but can take up to 4 weeks during our most busy seasons. Spring and Summer are the busiest. Generally a -BILL OF SALE- will be allowed during this time while delivery of your paperwork is being completed.
    Online Form -  back to top

  • How do I become a DEALER?
    Visit the Dealers Wanted page and read the detailed instructions. You must be a registered business and recognized by your state to sell our products. We have a very large and fast growing dealer network. Join the team!
    Online Form -  back to top

  • Can I CHANGE my color once an order is placed?
    Absolutely. Simply send an email to with the email title header labeled - COLOR CHANGE ON ORDER # - remember to include your order number and we will make the change for you. If the item/s have shipped we cannot recall the order and the color choice is locked in.   back to top

  • How do I get the BEST PRICE possible?
    Easy, fill out the "DEALS ON WHEELS" form on the right side of any page and use the code during checkout. Also if you are buying multiple machines make sure you use the discount code provided by the sales team. You can get your discount code in no time at all by emailing - or visitng the front page and checking out the coupons availible for that time. Orders of 3+ are normal and are always welcome. We can estimate that a minimum savings of $250.00 on a 4+ unit order will be given. Please email with your needs.   back to top

  • What does 4 Stroke ENGINE mean?
    We only manufacture 4 stroke engines in our machines. There are also 2 stroke. Here is the difference; 2 stroke means you have to manually mix oil with the gas you put in your vehicle. 4 stroke means all you need to do is pull up to the pump add gas an go. No mixing of oil and gas at all. We have more advanced longer lasting engines that need less maintanance in turn less costly to maintain.   back to top

  • How soon do I change the motor OIL?
    We suggest a light 5-10 hour break in on the motor and then change the oil to the suggested oil in your users manual. All of the machines we sell come with all the necessary fluids installed to start them right out of the box. General oil used is 10w40. Gear oil is 80/90 weight. Your manual or side of engine label will guide you. Remember, it's a Honda cloned engine. Use what Honda suggests. Please also refer to the WARRANTY / PARTS department for more information.  back to top

  • What do I need to set aside for my order to PREPARE?
    Gas. =-)  back to top

  • Does the machine come with all the FLUIDS included?
    The units do come with the fluids included but the oil needs to be replaced with a new 10/40 weight oil before starting your unit. you will also need to fill the unit with gas and check the other fluid levels to make sure they are full. after this you should be ready. The break in period is a 5-10 hour easy break in period where the unit should not exceed a 45-50 mile an hour speed, After this you should be good to go!!  back to top

  • I am in CALIFORNIA and want to order. What does this mean?
    If you are in the State of CA. You can purchase from our company. We can ship directly to the customer. The customer however will be responsible for paying sales tax with || | DMV registration can either be done by the Buggy World Staff by visiting our location or by private registration. Private registration will require the customer to bring the BILL OF SALE and the MSO | MCO to the DMV for completion. California state law requires all same state California orders require sales tax be paid. Any customer is always welcome to come visit our retail location and complete an order with us there. Please call 619-573-4757  back to top

  • Where are your machines LOCATED? Where do they SHIP from?
    Every single unit we sell is already in the USA. We DO NOT ship product from outside the USA to our customers doors. This is how our shipping times are much faster than others. We ship fromTX, CA, KS, GA, NY, FL, NV. These locations all depend on what is in stock in the warehouses at the time of order. Not every unit is in every warehouse.  back to top

  • How many units do you have IN STOCK?
    We have on hand and access to over 10,000 different units at any given time. Our in stock rate sits at about 95% full stock at all times. Inventory fluxuates, this is why we ask for a backup color selection. This is to guarantee the item you request ships in a timely manner. Selecting the same color choice may cause your order to be cancelled. If a color is very important please call us. Other dealers online do not even carry their own inventory or parts. If they do not carry inventory do they carry parts! CMS is a full time warehouse, store, and distributor.   back to top

  • I live outside the USA, can I order from you?
    Yes you can order, HOWEVER you must provide a final shipping location to be inside the USA for a transport agency to take this items out side of the USA. We process orders for people all the time. This process requires time and a copy of ID must be faxed with contact numbers.  back to top

  • I do not like the internet, can I ORDER over the PHONE?
    Absolutely! We offer 24 hour live person order support for all customers. All orders must be registered on our website. Our live order technitions will do everything for you. Please remember the sale staff might not have access to your already placed order as they are a completely different department.

    To order simply call (877) 300-8707  back to top

  • What do your ENGINES closely RESEMBLE?
    Our inventory is all based on Honda OEM Cloned Engines. Since this technology has been in the USA for over 40 years we have chosen to clone these engines based on expired patents thus completely legal and means parts availability is profound not to mention easy to access. We also carry these parts. Our parts are generally 70% less expensive than name brand parts.   back to top

  • How LONG does it take to PLACE an ORDER. How do I do it?
    5 Minuites. Simply browse our website till you find what you want. Add it to your shopping cart. Click the checkout button and create a new account. Complete the fill in the blank questions. Process payment and your complete. If you do not feel ok ordering online thats ok! We have a 24 hour phone live sales technition center for that. Give it a try! Even if your not ready to order.. Who else has a voice to talk to 24 hours a day. NONE but  back to top

  • How long does ASSEMBLY take?
    Assembly should take about 30 mins to 1.5 hours depending on the size of the machine you purchase. Generally your looking at 45 mins. We suggest you check all nuts/bolts and connections while you are assembling the unit to ensure a good complete machine. All machines will require some attention since you are skipping a dealer where the technicians assemble them. We clearly mark what machines need what service. If you do not have a certified service center complete your assembly, you cannot return the machine for any reason if there is a malfunction. If you need assistance locating a local service center please call us, we have dealers across the USA.  back to top

  • How often do I SERVICE my new purchase?
    In the owners manual there is a breakdown of what is needed and how often. Remember these are Honda Cloned engines and you should apply general maintanance for a standard 4 stroke Honda engine. has also put together a guide to assist you with what we feel is the best way to care for your new purchase. We tend to be a little more cautious but we all love our machines! Here is the link to help you download our booklet.   back to top

  • How do I file a Parts / Damage / Warranty CLAIM?
    It's easy. All you need to do is visit the link below and complete the form with all of the required fields. All instructions are included on the link below.   back to top

  • What SAFETY Features are on ALL machines?
    Every ATV we carry comes with a SPEED RESTRICTOR to limit the speed down to 5 mph. Every ATV has individual extra features that will either show in the pictures and / or are labled on the item disc. We provide a safety page as well online for your research.  back to top

  • Is my information SECURE?
    YES!, All customer information is secured behind a 256 secure socket layer SSL certificate. Look for the "LOCK" in the URL bar on the TOP LEFT AND THE https://. This means your information is secure when logged in or placing an order.  back to top

  • I need to find a service center! Can YOU help?
    We sure can! Please copy and paste the link below to your browser or find this link under our WARRANTY AND PARTS department on the right column. Courtesy or CMS! Who else offers this?
    Still having trouble please call us for direct assistance - 877-300-8707 ext 2  back to top

  • How does the 2 WEEK free TRIAL work?
    This offer is for all customers who purchase from this website. In order to qualify for this trial you must be a customer of CMS. You must also complete mail via CERTIFIED SIGNATURE DELVIERY the terms of agreement within 5 business days from the date of purchase. Please click the link provided under the 2 week free trial image, complete and send in the requested docs. There is no restocking fee what so ever. The product however must be unabused and returned in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING. You must also contact our customer service for a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER for return. CMS will even arrange the return shipping trucks for you. CMS understands we are the premier online dealer and with this feature you too can try us our for yourself RISK FREE!. Restrictions do apply. Please read the full details before purchasing to ensure you understand the rules of the FREE TRAIL PERIOD. Noone beats our service. NOONE.

    NOTE: Damaged or abused units will not be accepted for return.  back to top

  • I need help finding a SERVICE CENTER...
    Although CMS can work to help you try and find a local service center, it is your sole responsibility to check to make sure there is a center in your area to perform any service required. You should make sure of this BEFORE you place an order. If there is no dealer to repair, maintenance your vehicle in your area this will NOT constitute a cancellation, refund, or a free return of your machine. In the state of california this is called the NO COOLING OFF PERIOD. You cannot return a machine for any reason unless authorized by the dealer. Again, if you need help finding a service center our staff can try to assist you however you are solely responsible. - MGMT. Remember you are buying a vehicle online that does need service from time to time.  back to top

  • How long has been in BUSINESS? has been in this business for over 10 years in the affordable industry which is a rather long time. We are industry veterans and know this business probably better than any other company out there. we are actually contacted by other companies with questions on techniques to better thier business. We also facilitate the growth of over 150 national brick and mortar dealers nationwide . We have been part of so many different cutting edge trend changes in this industry we are proud to share our products with you. affordable ATV's are here to stay and we feel proud to say that we have something to do with it. CMS has over 50 individuals working together to bring you the special savings you enjoy on this website. Want to know a secret?? the other "online dealers" are just 1-5 people working out of a house ordering from large warehouses. It's your hard earned money, what team would you rather be on? 24/7/365 give us a call and place your order with the right family. county Motorsports - 877-300-8707  back to top

  • How many UNITS does CMS SELL a year?
    We sell approx. - 6,000 annually. Not to mention our dealer network.   back to top

  • How do I receive my -BILL OF SALE-
    Your bill of sale is located in your account details. After placing your order a copy will automatically email to your account you registered with your order. If it did not arrive to your email this is a sign your email address registered was not properly entered. We do notice customers at times will mix up thier .com with .net and vs versa. ex. when actually the correct address was Your BILL OF SALE with your MSO is what is needed to register your purchase. If all else fails and you cannot locate your BILL OF SALE please visit our - TITLE REQUEST PAGE - located at the top of this page in the middle.   back to top

  • HOW MANY EMPLOYEES does have?
    We have 13 employees in our immediate staff, 4 in our extended CMS KS warehouse staff and 50+ in our 24 hour call center. Important to notice and mention as our competetors have 1-2 total employees. This is why CMS is the better family!   back to top

  • WHAT ARE the service centers HOURS OF OPERATION?
    SALES 877-300-8707 - 7 Days a Week! 9am-5pm PST  back to top

  • How will I know when MY MSO/ TITLE has been mailed?
    By logging into your account and check the order notes for the dates they were mailed. If there are no notes yet this means they have not yet completed yours. Titles are completed in the order received. You must request your title via our online forum. Emails and voicemails are not accepted. Thank you. Titles can take 1-4 weeks to arrive.  back to top

  • Do the ONLINE PRICES apply to your STORE?
    They DO, HOWEVER there will be the following FEES ADDED to the advertised prices. PDI, ASSEMBLY = $150.00 to 450.00 depending upon the size of the vehicle, SALES TAX 8.975%, DMV REGISTRATION $95.00. Please note this when bringing in your questions. Thank you! - MGMT   back to top

  • Who is responsible for sales on this website as of 06/2013?
    This website is operated, processed and all products are shipped by county imports. This website was previously operated by County Motorsports however as of 06/2013 all sales are processed by countyimports. All customers before 06/2013 will need to contact our office at 619-573-4757 for further information.   back to top

  • The unit I ordered has different features than I ordered.
    You do not have to pay extra if your purchase comes with extra "goodies" and in turn, we ask you to read and understand this before placing an order. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: By shopping on this website you agree to the terms that you understand some units may have slight variations with color and options. Due to the high rotation of volume we process and mfg standards, some products may have slight upgrades or changes that we are unaware of. This is due to the high volume and low cost we secure these vehicles for you. It must be understood that this is a price driven site and color options / schemes may change slightly. We must collect (2) seperate color choices from you at the time of sale. If we do not contact you, it can be assured you will receive one of the two colors you select. By shopping online you assume the responsbility for this. If your model arrives with a different color accessory, we will attempt to resolve this for you however the final word will be from the MFG directly. We appreciate your wholesale shopping business and ask you to consider this information before placing an order. Our main goal is to deliver the most affordable means or fun and transportation to you. Slight variations in options can happen and do occur. Please understand this when ordering. We would like to note however, 98% of all orders arrive exactly as shown. Our main focus is to present the products we carry as close to exact on how they will arrive to you. If you have questions, please ask them before placing an order. 877-300-8707  back to top

  • My Bike does not have a warranty on the product page?
    This does not mean you do not have a warranty. It simply means this model may be on special or clearance with the supplier and may not have the longer warranty offered on other units on our site. Generally, if there is no warranty offered on the product description page, this means you have our standard "default" 30 day from defects warranty. Please see the WARRANTY | PARTS page at the top of any page in the middle. Please call our staff if you still have questions or are unsure of anything - 877-300-8707 ext 2  back to top

  • How does your 5 year ENGINE GUARANTEE work?
    While your account is active, eligible and payments are kept up to date by the customer, your Engine Gurantee will be considered valid. If valid, and your engine fails to operate indefinately, at any time which must be certified by a licensed, brick and mortar repair facility. will replace the engine and pay 5 hours of labor to exchange the engine on your vehicle. This guarantee is valid for one use per enrollment. It must be confirmed and on company letterhead the problem with the motor and the customer must be willing to allow the return of the faulty motor for inspection at any time if deems necessary. The engine Guarantee period is for a term of 5 years or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.   back to top

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