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Street legal Motor scooters sold wholesale to the public.  

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When shopping online, look for the entire price to your door.  Be sure to consider item cost, warranty, accessories, title processing, and time frame. We exceed all on every level and make it simple for you. We're the only dealer who offers "the price you see is the price you pay" ethic in our industry.  We give the best shipping, best warranty, best product at the best price period. This, matched with over 9 years online delivering daily to happy customers around the United States.  So, when you see a price on our site, it's the total DELIVERED.  

We go the extra mile when shipping your new Gas Scooter, dirt bike, Children's ATV, Kids Go Kart or Adult Motorcycle.  No matter the size we've been doing this a long time and shipped it all! Instead of delivery to your local shipping terminal and having to arrange a ride or borrow a truck and drive up to -2- hours for pickup WE go the extra mile and ship right to your door.

Free Residential and curbside delivery as a standard with all affordable motorsports purchases on our website!! When your unit is shipped it will be delivered with a lift gate to lower your bike right to grade level for an easy unloading process. All orders are generally DELIVERED with an estimated arrival time of  5-15 business days, please be prepared and available. However, during the spring and summer season, which we consider February through August, orders are delivered with an estimated arrival time of 10-15 business days but can take up to 21 business days in the summer months. Delivery time starts counting when we process your payment.

Safe, Fast and Easy!: Delivery will be to your shipping address provided and customer signature is required. Our carriers will never leave your new Motor Scooter, Childrens Quad, Kids ATV, Go Kart or Motorcycle at your door when your not home. The shipping carriers must deliver when a customer is at home to inspect and accept delivery. To provide complete and safe transactions for our customers, we have asked our shipping carriers to Check ID at the time of delivery to match the delivery recipients name and address.

Here's how your order will be delivered...

  1. Our trucking company Yellow Trucking -  as well as  FedEx Freight, UPS Freight, Estes Express, SAIA or Yellow Freight. We use all these shipping companies and will select the best rated and fastest carrier that delivers in your area! NOTE: The carrier will call you 24-48 hours prior to delivering your ATV to arrange a delivery time.  If you miss delivery it's okay! They will reschedule with you a better time! Call us with questions.
  2. When they deliver your new purchase, the driver will lower the item down off the lift gate and place it where you need it.
  3. You can use the "Shipping Check-Off Sheet" provided by the delivery driver and mark where there may have been any punctures or damage to the box, just in case. 99% of the time there's nothing but be pro-active and make sure you get the unit in good order.
  4. Sign off on the Bill of Lading (BOL) after you view the ATV crate.

This image shows how the unit is delivered to your door.

Tracking Numbers

We ship out in the evenings between 4 pm and 6 pm Pacific standard time. You will receive your tracking number via email the morning (next business day) after your order has shipped. You will locate your tracking number by logging into your account -OR- by checking your email. We will auto-email you the tracking when it becomes available to our staff from the carriers. 

Shipping Check-off Sheet

Be advised: Before the freight companies driver loads your shipment onto the freight truck he will inspect it to make sure there are no damages to the unit. If that unit is damaged or the box or crate that contains it, that driver must notate those blemishes with his signature on the bill of laden, you must notate any damages that you observe to the box, the crate that covers your unit or the unit itself. 

Please note the packaging the unit comes in is designed to protect the inside contents. Sometimes there may be some visual marks on the delivery box. Do not worry. That means the box is doing its job. Inspect the insides of the crate and you will find a safely packaged new item, if you find damages please have the driver sign the bill of laden acknowledging that he also observed the damages, his signature is confirmation for the freight company that damage happened during shipping and not after delivery to you!

This will protect your right to process a claim for those damages with that freight company. If you do not have the truck driver witness and sign the bill of laden acknowledging the damages, that freight company will deny your claim declaring that it cannot be proved your unit was damaged while in their possession. cannot be responsible for damages to the unit while in the shipping companies care neither can be responsible if you do not inspect your unit for damages while the driver is at your location.  

Please view the images below to see the care puts into your order. Accept the delivery and use the included toolkit to get started! Please note we have included tons of helpful information to assemble and use your new purchase if ever needed! Please also check out our FULL PARTS DEPARTMENT as well as our FORMS DOWNLOAD PAGE!

SHIPPING POLICY: The following is our shipping policy. must be notified of shipping damage/within 24 hours of arrival
• All shipping related fees must be prepaid in full unless the customer is using Freight collect or has arranged his/her own freight. cannot guarantee delivery schedule outside of the estimated arrival time given by the freight company. is not responsible for shipping delays. is not responsible for damages occurred during shipping unless shipping insurance has been purchased from is not responsible for any extra cost incurred by the customer after the part has been shipped. is not responsible for return shipping costs, these costs must be included with the initial part order. If shipping funds are not included the part will not be shipped is not responsible for any cancellation incurred cost. All incurred cost due to cancellation must be paid in full and is not refundable. (Example: If product or part has left the warehouse and the order is canceled, the shipping company will charge freight whenever the product leaves our warehouse.)

Come on in, take a look around! Here is what the daily shipping process looks exactly like for only customers. We have streamlined a very intensive and careful process of ensuring your new vehicle arrives to you just as if it was still in the warehouse. These packages travel in some cases 3000+ miles via 1-3 different trucks. Proper packaging and shipping process becomes vital and so, we'd like to show you what you get when you order from After all, we're real proud of what we offer our special customers.


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