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  • Bringing it home folks.... Making the right choice is never easy. Finding a knowledgeable/reputable dealer, who knows the motorsports industry, and can actually provide quality service over long distances, to customers in different states is something that should never be taken for granted. Providing outstanding continuing customer support takes hard work and a dedicated staff that cares for the customers' after sale needs; not just making the initial sale. Our team has spent years perfecting our online distribution business, our dealer network and local store front. We are proud of what we have accomplished and want our customers to know what is considered a standard here at County Imports. Every other dealer who does not have any of the following is just another middle man; and this is why  20,000+ customers choose County Imports each year to fill their service, parts and affordable motorsports needs. Join our family today! Our company logo is a way of life for our employees. We are proud of who we are and you will feel the excitement the first time you contact us! Also, for those who are not customers, if your having trouble with your current dealer give us a call, we'll help you too!  WE ARE.....

    • Public Owned Company!
    • Fastest and lowest shipping rates in the industry! - GUARANTEED
    • Community giveback fundraiser and donation care team on staff.
    • Direct source for products sold; not just another middle man.
    • Longest warranty programs available in the industry.
    • Toll-free 24/7/365 live phone/email support.
    • Nationally owned brick and mortar dealer service network.
    • Full parts and warranty support on all products sold. - http://www.countyimportparts.com/
    • Fully operational service aided website.
    • Free home delivery with liftgate service with every order!
    • Fully certified Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki technicians on staff to aide with all tech support needs.
    • 200+ years of technician experience!
    • 150+ years in business management and business development.
    • Largest employee base in the industry for best support. 50 company agents!
    • All sales assistants are certified by background checks and all have a clean background for customer safety with purchases.
    • 1 million liability and 10 million umbrella insurance coverage for all customers.
    • Largest collection of free PDF tech tips for scooters, atv's, dirt bikes, go karts and utility vehicles online courtesy for all customers.
    • Corny a it sounds, yet true.... Many try to imitate but will never duplicate.
    • Our families ride what we sell, believe in what we own and you should too!
    • Family felt environment together bringing amazing products to the nation, one customer at a time!


    An Introduction


    NOTE: If you have recently filed a request via the form fields below and have not received the response you needed please use the ticket system below and submit a customer service ticket. Your ticket will be tracked and a tracking ticket number will be issued to ensure quick service. You can open multiple tickets for different needs by creating an account.



    Sales Department


    e-mail : sales@countyimports.com

    Monday-Friday 6AM - 6PM PST

    Saturday 10AM- 4PM PST



    Shipping | Tracking Department  (Current Customers)

    e-mail : mso@countyimports.com

    Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PST


    MSO | Titles Department

    e-mail : mso@countyimports.com

    Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PST


    Claims Warranty & Non-Warranty Department

    e-mail : claims@countyimports.com

    Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PST


    Shipping Damage Claims Department

    e-mail : claims@countyimports.com

    Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PST


    Parts and Technical Assistance Department



    Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PST





    Our mission to bring back the days when family motorsports was fun and affordable. People these days find themselves purchasing just one Gas Scooters, Mopeds,  ATVs or dirt bike for the whole family, instead of buying one for each family member.  Countyimports.com has actually changed that!  After all, riding motorsports with your family is a lot more fun than just watching them ride.  Why pay someone else TWICE as much for the same products we have?  After all,  it's not just making your motorsports purchase;  It's ensuring someone is there to assist after the sale as well to offer ATV Parts and service.  Our products are designed to fit you as an individual.  Now our prices are better but as you can see even Costco wants in on this great business we have to offer! With Go Karts, Dirt BikesGas Mopeds and Children's, Youth and Adult ATV's with varying seat heights and engine sizes that range from 50cc to 1000cc, we have exactly what you're looking for!  Read our competitors pricing and what you really get for their price.  Are they a real company? Are they a factory authorized distribution company who actually stocks inventory they sell, do they actually own a brick an mortar shop as well?  Who else offers such a well built fully automated website to handle your service needs?  Countyimports.com!  Take a look around you will like what you see.  From  top to bottom, we aim to find the best product and top quality engines anywhere.  Take a look at the Mfg. warehouse website and see for yourself.  We are supported directly by BMS Motor Sports, MotoBravo, IceBear, JCL ScootersLance Scooters, Roketa Mopeds ! and you are supported by us directly from the factory.  That is best setup you will find anywhere for your hard earned money, period. We provide all our Chinese Scooter and ATV parts support via OUR own directory website called http://www.countyimportparts.com/   We also offer......  


    Finally a One Stop Shop!

    Unlike most, Countyimports.com is not just an internet company, if you are local we have a beautiful showroom full of BMS, Boreem, Four Wheelers, Roketa 4 Wheeler ATV's, Motobravo,  Redcat, Eagle, Viva ATV's , NST Dirtbikes, Konced Scooter, ATV parts and accessories in stock ready for pick up as well in a vast 12,000 square foot show room. We also carry atv, gas scooter, moped and dirt bike parts service and support for everything we sell.  That means service before and after your purchase!  You can't beat our service. Period. Browse our past customer testimonials . Countyimports.com is one of the only rare and hard to find online scooter dealers who also have a showroom full to come by and check out anytime! This is important to anyone shopping online. Only a true brick and mortar dealer can understand your true motorsports needs and help you with your purchase down the road, since we have them actually in stock to physically touch and understand the bikes we sell.


    We ride what we sell!
    We use our ATV's everyday blasting through the sand, tearing it up in the mud, and working hard on the farm; hauling firewood, feeding the horses, stretching out the barb wire fencing, spraying the weeds, hunting, fishing, recreational trail riding and just having fun. These QUADS are great for the entire family. Create memories for the rest of your life, and it all begins, right here. Welcome to the best rated, fastest growing online and local ATV dealer in the USA! Don't you wish you had an ATV as a child? Some of us were not so lucky. Time to make you and your family the luckiest in the world and save a ton of money while you're doing it on our Affordable Childrens, Kids, Youth, Adult ATV's for less. All prices inside this website are carefully negotiated and properly marked to protect our customers best interest and a proper price point to also ensure your dealer is here to provide years of service. 

    There's NO BULL

    ..here if you have questions we have the answers for you, we are dedicated 24/7/365. The Countyimports.com Family could carry on about how we are the best ATV Wholesale distributor/dealer, been doing it forever etc. We will tell you this: We have seen the kids and adults take their bikes or ATV 's into their house, their bedroom, or garage. They clean them wax them and shine them up as well as get out the tools and tinker with or adjust something. The kids especially take pride in their new bike or ATV and their instinctive mechanical ability begins to take shape while tinkering and exploring their new prized bike or ATV. If you want to see a kid explore his mechanical abilities and learn what it is like to clean, maintain, polish and carry on, then buy them a Bike or ATV. As always.... "WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU PAY, TO YOUR DOOR!"


    Best Price Guarantee! (110% GUARANTEE!)

    We will not be undersold on our 49cc Scooters, 50cc Scooters, 150cc Mopeds and Scooters, 250cc Scooters or 260cc Scooters and Mopeds as well as our Kids ATVs, Youth ATV's and Adult ATV's. We also offer the best pricing on all our Gas Mopeds, Street Legal Scooters and Go Karts. If you ever find a better price on ANYTHING we sell just let us know. Simply visit the PRICE WAR link and submit where you found it at or call us right away and be approved!


    Assembly is easy as - 1. 2.  Weeeeeee!

    Our product is packaged carefully to ship to you in carefully in strong packaged crates to ensure new and unused condition. Depending on the unit you desire; We mark each unit we sell with how much assembly is needed. Look for this in each item description page. Anyone with some basic skills can complete what is needed to save literally $1000's on their purchase. Some units may need minor assembly i.e. front tire, mirrors and battery etc.  Although some of our machines do need some assembly, you will find an amazing large portion of our scooters inventory comes to your door fully assembled! This means a factory technician has done all the work for you, and our prices are still better. Not many other retailers offer a warranty for 1 year on powertrain when you have a local certified mechanic provide the PDI. We guarantee we have the best products that can be reached in this large market and proudly bring them to you under the love we have for this business. 




    We are the Veterans in this business!


    Countyimports.com is the a Powerhouse Veteran owned business. We have rightfully earned our solid reputation for quite a few years now and by joining our team you are making the best choice for your motorsports investment. We are well known by all competitors and many try to copy techniques that were created by us.  We know this business and respect the customers needs and have listened over the years. We began directly from the background we represent and are part of the evolution of bringing quality affordable motorsports to the USA. Everything Countyimports.com provides to it's customers is first hand and not indirect support from another company. This means your needs are the direct understanding and priority of ours. We have over 60 individuals who are with this company. Some 24 hours a day on standby to care for your motorsports needs. You will notice other companies try to imitate our processes. They try, but cannot come close to providing the support we do especially considering our extremely large customer database we have rightfully earned. Every dollar spent with our company is treated by management as an investment. This is important for our customers to understand. We work every day to continue our promise for growth and good fortune and treat our customers as we expect to be treated. This is why we provide the first in history and only live 24/7/365 live phone support.This with many other secret services we naturally cannot mention, only a true customer can appreciate. Our secret is used to carry our business to the top tier time and time again and is why every motorsports mfg has asked us to represent their lines. Because of this we have hand selected specific units to bring to the table, these machines are exactly what you have been looking for.  These machines must provide a standard set by our customers and staff, longest warranty, exclusive design, cost efficiency and overall durability. Because of this there is no other reason but to make your motorsports purchase with our team.  Welcome to the family and thank you for your business. We know we deserve it, and thank you for it!

    ~Deals on Wheels~
    Register to instantly receive a discount code for 2% off any online purchase. Your code will appear here after submitting. You may need to scroll back to this point to receive code.

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