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  • HOW TO FILE A CLAIM: Our product arrives 99.5% of the time in perfect condition however we still ask our customers to inspect the unit upon delivery. If there are minor damages (cracked plastics/scuffed body panel) yet still usable, safe and rideable, accept the unit and file a shipping damage claim for the body peices that were damaged in shipping. If the frame is bent or the unit is really in bad shape and not safe to ride. Please use good judgment. Deny the shipment keep a copy of the form the shipping driver gives you called the BOL and contact us immediately for a replacement. Our shipments arrive 99.9% perfect. There are cases of damage fro human error but we are here to help make it right.  You have 7 days to file a damage claim as stated by all 3rd party shipping services. Make sure the delivery driver makes note on the bill of lading and we get a copy of that alnog with pictures and information about the damage. If you have any questions please call support staff M-F 10am-5pm PST.

    You will need the following ready to submit in the form below.

    1. COPY OF BILL OF LADING (delivery slip) with the damage written on the BOL by the driver and MAKE SURE they sign it.
    2. PICTURES OF DAMAGE  in digital form to upload in the form below.
    3. COMPLETE FORM BEFORE 7 DAYS from the date of delivery on the BOL. Please click here to file a Shipping Damage Claim.

    Once you have all this information read at once. Please then complete the form at the bottom of this page and you will receive an auto-email validating it was received. Please do not complete the form below if any of the information listed above is missing. Thank you!

    (READ) - IMPORTANT SHIPPING DAMAGE CLAIMS NOTE: If you do NOT NOTE DAMAGE on the delivery slip as required by our shipping carriers they will not cover your claim for damage. Please MAKE SURE you note any and ALL damages, no matter how minor they are and complete your claim within  7 days of receipt. If this is not done we cannot assist you.  This is general practice in shipping. Please click here to file a Shipping Damage Claim.


    (READ) - SHIPPING INSURANCE: If you did not purchase shipping insurance we will not be able to file a claim for you. You must seperately file the damage claim with the delivery carrier. You may call the number on the BOL to get started. We will be happy to assist you in the right direction however the claim can only be filed under the receipients name. Please click here to file a Shipping Damage Claim.

    WANT STATUS ON AN EXSISTING CLAIM: If you have filed a claim of any sort and would like status and it has been beyond 10 business days since your last claim please start by opening a support ticket. Please be sure to include all the information needed to contact you. Be sure to select the correct department for your service needs. Please use the ticket system below and submit a customer service ticket. Please click here request an update on an existing claim.


     Multi-speed beach bikes come complete with the 3 or 7 speed shifter on the handlebars, coaster foot brake for the 3 speed bicycle version and hand brakes for the 7 speed style, comfort spring loaded seat, widened handlebars and the extra wide tires. Lots of great colors, and designs that focus on style and comfort. If the tough look is what you're after then the Rover line from Micargi will suit you. The Rover line is designed with an extra thick frame. Most come with colored rims and flame decals. The GTS model comes with the springer fork for added comfort to the ride.

    Firmstrong and Micargi make a great selection of men's bikes. Single Speed Cruisers are great for ease of riding and maintenance. No shifting, easy braking, and low cost comfort. Multi-Speed Beach Cruisers are the same bikes but built to endure the longer ride or hilly terrain. They make a good commuter bike.

    This bike is built to endure the longer ride or hilly terrain. Good commuter bike. These bikes come complete with the 3 or 7 speed shifter on the handlebars, coaster foot brake for the 3 speed bicycle version and hand brakes for the 7 speed style, comfort spring loaded seat, widened handlebars and the extra wide tires. One aspect of Firmstrong beach cruisers worth noting is that all of the frames come equipped with bottle cage ready threads built into the frame. Micargi has designed some really cool bikes too. Great color schemes and their multi speed bikes also feature the Shimano derailer shifter. Another cool feature of the Micargi line is that they produce two multi speed Tandem bicycles.

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