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    Check the product you wish to purchase. In the product details you will find the Warranty Coverage. As long as the warranty you select offers 1 Year, you will then follow the information below to qualify.


    How to fully qualify for your 1 year limited warranty please read the details below.  You must click the link below, print and sign this agreement and fax to 702-628-9233 or mail it to the address on the warranty document. Once Countyimports has received your warranty agreement your warranty will be considered active from the date of original delivery of the vehicle and your customer account will reflect the extension for your records. No competetor of ours in this entire industry offers this type protective warranty plan. This is one more reason why CMS is the right family to join! The item you purchase must have the following icon in the item description.





    Each customer has 10 business days from order to return the signed agreement to the address or fax provided in the document. This option is available for all customers who purchased since 6/1/2007 and after....


    To activate please print sign and fax back - 702-628-9233  - CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE VERSION



    This warranty period begins on the date of delivery of your new purchase and will be validated by your (BLDS) Bill of Lading Delivery Slip. The warranty is for manufacturer defects only. County Imports will have no further warranty obligation under this agreement if the equipment is subjected to abuse, shipping damages, misuse, negligence, accidents or if the weight capacity is exceeded. Warranty does not include labor or expendable parts such as bulbs, fuses, tires, etc. If purchaser has a part covered under warranty that needs replacing, purchaser should file a claim and seller will ship the replacement part as soon as possible. Parts to be replaced must be returned to seller by purchaser within the warranty period, transportation charges paid by purchaser. Generally CMS will not ask for return on the part unless the part is larger and more expensive i.e. engine.


    Countyimports.com offers designated units comes with a 1 year parts warranty. This does not include wearable parts such as plastics, batteries, brakes, bearings, misuse or damage done by the operator. Make sure to tighten all nuts & bolts. We do not warranty nuts and bolts that are lost. This warranty also does not include labor. The customer may be responsible for shipping larger parts back before Countyimports.com will ship a replacement part. If for any circumstance that purchaser wants an expedite service, they are responsible for the express shipping charges.


    Countyimports.com guarantees all of our products from manufacturer's defects within the first 1 year from the date that you receive your unit. This is our standard "parts only" warranty that comes with each unit. This warranty covers factory defects only. Countyimports.com does not cover parts broken by the user. We will be responsible for the shipping costs of the first warranty part(s) claim only. All additional warranty parts that are needed will require the customer to pay a standard $20.00 shipping and handling fee to cover shipping. You are welcome to pick up these parts from and of our 3 locations for free. Countyimports.com strongly recommends that you contact a small engine mechanic or bring it to a service center in your area to make repairs on your ATV/ Scooter. We suggest using our dealer list we have in-house or locating a dealer you feel comfortable with. A good source to locate is http://www.superpages.com/ search ATV dealer or small engine repair shop.

    To file a claim within your warranty, log onto our website and go to the claims page and complete your claim correctly. VIN numbers are required to have on hand for ALL claims.  Items are covered for regular use, and if we determine that the problem is due to abuse or misuse, that might not be covered under warranty. In this case, the customer may incur the charges for the repair. We will make the final decision regarding if the merchandise is covered or not upon our receipt of the item(s). This warranty at this time does not cover the labor for the warranty work done however does cover the parts completely. We are working on providing a labor included warranty. Claims Department - http://www.countyimports.com/warranty___parts_



    WARRANTY COVERAGE: - To activate please print sign and fax back - CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE VERSION

    This 1 year warranty covers the following.  Warranty covers all parts noted but not limited to and minus the items listed below.

    • The first months ( as stated in your warranty on item description details ) is a full bumper to bumper coverage minus wear and tear items listed but not limited to axles, batteries, brakes, shocks, chains, tires. The first 6 months of this warranty will cover but not limited to electrical, engine, transmission, drive train, carburetor, frame work, air box, gear boxes and suspension. This warranty is provided by Countyimports.com and does not include labor. If a part fails and need replacement a proper claim must be filed and a full replacement is not part of the agreement. The defective part will be replaced and if ever deemed by Countyimports.com a unit needs replacement, Countyimports will be the only one who will authorize the replacement.  The final 6 months is an extension to the initial warranty and something no other company offers. Because of this, any machine purchased from another supplier that is the same machine will not qualify for the Countyimports.com warranty. If you want this warranty coverage you must purchase from Countyimports.
    •  The final 6 months total of 12 months coverage will cover but not limited to the engine, transmission and hydraulics. This is understood as a drive train warranty. The final 6 months will not cover wear and tear and rider abuse. CMS if a very open minded company and understand things do happen however we will not tolerate abuse of these terms. If there is sufficient proof of abuse of our 1 year warranty terms we will and reserve the right to completely cancel the warranty all together. Please use our online forms and complete them if and when filing a claim.

    Our warranty is in effect ONLY under these circumstances:

    • The product is completely assembled correctly by an automotive/motorcycle technician.
    • The product is used under normal conditions; i.e. for its intended purpose.
    • The necessary, consistent maintenance has been performed on the unit.


    The only parts your warranty excludes are:

    • Tires
    • Brake Pads
    • Filters (air, oil etc)
    • Gaskets
    • Batteries
    • Lubricants
    • Plastics
    • Spark Plugs
    • Hoses
    • Crash, Accident (Operator Error)
    • Unauthorized Negligent Repair

    The units we sell are all 4 stroke and typically easy to work on. Most people that work on motorcycles can perform service on our products. If you are not comfortable servicing one of our products, we recommend that you find a local small engine mechanic in your area. Often, we have found that any typical lawn mower repair shop is capable of servicing our products. Our techs are available to assist you with questions on your unit and are highly knowledgeable about our products.



    Defects caused by the manufacturers are the only ones that will be covered. There are no refunds on items that have been used. All sales are final. 

    Countyimports.com  makes every effort to ensure that our products are functional and damage free prior to shipment from our warehouse. Each customer must inspect the shipment while the shipping company is at your door. Merchandise returned to CMS Wholesale within a week must be in 100% new, UNUSED condition, and be able to be resold. If it is its original condition, and meets warranty requirements, Countyimports.com will provide a refund less a 25% restocking fee for costs associated with shipping fees and misc costs. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Also, the product must be in a box without any signs of assembly or usage. Merchandise that has been used, abused, damaged, worn, or ridden will not be a cause for a refund and will be refused upon deliver. Also, Countyimports.com recommends that you research the details regarding the legality of scooters & ATV's in your state. Basically be honest and we will be very happy to do whatever we can to assist you.





    Damages that may occur due to customer misuse or improper care and lack of maintenance including but not limited to exceeding the weight limit, negligence by the user, or blatant misuse of normal intended operations are not covered under the warranty. To better help our customers locate issues on their units, we may ask you that the warranty part be sent to our parts department for inspection and testing for defects. If asked to send the parts, no warranty parts will be sent out until parts are received. Now this is only if we ask which we typically do not.

    This warranty is provided to the original customer and is non transferable. There is no agreement or warranty, expressed or implied other than those stated in this agreement.  Countyimports.com does not provide or pay for labor and is not responsible for the payment of damages for incidental or consequential loss arising from injury. Ride at your own risk. All sales are final. Returns or Exchanges are not offered under any circumstance. We do sell awesome products so this shouldn't even be an issue.



    Shipping Damage:


    Countyimports.com safely packs and crates all units prior to shipping out of our warehouse. In the event that an item has been lost or damaged during shipping, please log onto our website and fill out a shipping damage form. The buyer must have shipping insurance at the time of the initial order in order to be eligible for replacement or reimbursement. Again, be sure to inspect your package when it arrives. If there is damage, notify us immediately.

    If you do have any issues with your unit, don't panic; just call us (866) 795-5461 ext 702 and we can usually solve any questions or problems over the phone. If you need a part, visit our parts department and file a parts claim. We have 1000's of pictures with part numbers for each unit we carry posted for your assistance. We use the email system so we can track your part. We typically can get a part out to you within 1-2 business days. If desired part is not in stock lead time could be 3-5 weeks.



    Title and Registration:


    All customers are responsible to operate their motor vehicle in accordance with city, county, state, and federal laws. It is the DIRECT AND SOLE responsibility of the purchaser to check with their local Dept of Motor Vehicles or any other governing agency in their are regarding any and all registration and or licensing laws and regulations.



    Safety & Inspection:


    Purchaser accepts all responsibility to inspect their product prior to every use and to make sure that the equipment is in safe and mechanical order. If purchaser is not qualified to inspect and service the equipment, they are solely responsible to have any service or inspection performed by a certified mechanic. Purchaser is also solely responsible to wear all safety equipment when operating the Countyimports.com product, including but not limited to: eye protection, elbow pads, knee pads, chest protector, riding boots, riding clothes, helmets etc. Purchaser acknowledges that they are 18 years of age or older. Purchaser also takes full responsibility of any accidents, mishaps that could cause you or anyone allowed using, riding or otherwise occupying said ATV/Scooter. And in no way hold Countyimports.com or any of its agents liable for any damages, injuries or even death. The purchaser agrees to all of these terms and conditions and accepts them by purchasing said unit.





    Any order that is cancelled prior to us shipping the unit will be charged at $75.00 cancellation fee. To cancel an order after the item has been shipped you MUST refuse delivery when the freight company contacts you to deliver the item. Orders cancelled after they have been shipped will be subject to a 25% restocking fee & all related shipping fees. Once the item is accepted you now own it.



    Shipping Disclaimer:


    If your item is damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately. If item is damaged, the unit will be returned to us. Once item is received we will ship a new unit to the same previous destination. Please call if you have any questions regarding our shipping procedures.



    Typographical Errors:


    We attempt to be as accurate as possible in our product pictures and specifications. Some specifications published on our site come from the manufacturers and/or distributors. These specifications represent ideal circumstances; we cannot guarantee that product descriptions/specifications, pricing or any other content is accurate, complete or current.
    In the event that a product is published incorrectly due to typographical, informational, technical or other error, we have the right, at our sole discretion, to either honor the published price or cancel the order.



    Basic Maintenance:


    1. Check the tire pressure every time before use
    2. Check the functionality of the brakes
    3. Walk around your vehicle to make sure nothing is loose or broken
    4. Make sure that your fluid levels are correct.





    NOTE - All Warranties offered by or passed through Countyimports.com to you the customer include parts only, no labor or freight charges will be accepted under warranty claims.


    NOTE -All Countyimports.com and Factory Warranties are not transferable.


    NOTE -The warranty contained herein is in lieu of all other warranties express or implied, including any implied warranty of fitness for particular purpose.

    NOTE - It is understood that a manufacturers limited warranty pertains to equipment used in its prescribed manner, without abuse, and does not include wear and tear.


    NOTE - All freight charges incurred on warranty situations are the responsibility of the customer.


    NOTE - Specifications, Warranties and Pricing are subject to change without notice.








    *Refunds if given does not include shipping/handling fees. No refund will be given for other products purchased that are attached to the vehicle if returned. Customer is responsible for lost or misdirected packages. It is recommended that the customer insure the package for its full retail value. This warranty does not cover or include any damage as a result of acts of God, improper installation, alteration, negligence or abuse.



    To activate please print sign and fax back to 702-628-9233 - CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE VERSION


    This bike is built to endure the longer ride or hilly terrain. Good commuter bike. These bikes come complete with the 3 or 7 speed shifter on the handlebars, coaster foot brake for the 3 speed bicycle version and hand brakes for the 7 speed style, comfort spring loaded seat, widened handlebars and the extra wide tires. One aspect of Firmstrong beach cruisers worth noting is that all of the frames come equipped with bottle cage ready threads built into the frame. Micargi has designed some really cool bikes too. Great color schemes and their multi speed bikes also feature the Shimano derailer shifter. Another cool feature of the Micargi line is that they produce two multi speed Tandem bicycles.

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